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Bin Unloading Equipment

Lambton supplies an extensive range of bin components to suit your preference for unloading systems. Complete your new Lambton bin or upgrade your existing bin with:

  • Power Sweep unloading system
  • Standard auger unload
  • Angled and vertical power heads
  • Carry in sweep auger
  • Commercial sweep auger
  • Drag Conveyor unload

power sweep

Lambton Power Sweep Unloading System

Lambton introduces a new Power Sweep design to provide longer life and higher efficiency than conventional systems

  • 8” and 10” models; 2500-3500 BPH capacity for bin diameters 18’ – 60’
  • Integrated unit power sweep and auger with a single motor
  • 7:1 Reduction Chain Wheel Drive: large diameter wheel sustains traction without adding weights
  • Extended center well allows easy maintenance access to all gate hardware
  • Convenient controls with well-marked user guides

For more information about Lambton Bin Unloading Equipment, contact us at 1.888.239.9713 (North America) or sales@lambtonconveyor.com.