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Lambton 4″ Corrugated Hopper Bins

Designed for free flowing material weighing 52 pounds per cubic foot or less

All Lambton-built hopper bins include:

  • Standard construction provides G115 (350 grams/M2 of zinc) galvanized steel with 28% more zinc protection than traditional bins
  • Larger 44” sidewall sheets with 4” corrugation improves grain flow, increases vertical strength and reduces build time
  • JS1000 Grade 8.2 hardware for superior corrosion protection and strength
  • All designs stress tested with accurate calculations for wind, rooftop equipment loads and snow loads
  • Overhead structures engineered to hold the load for your overhead filling requirements

Lambton Bin Roof Features

12’ diameter roofs:

  • a smooth panel, sealed roof
  • 24-inch roof cap can be opened from the ground

15’ through 21’ diameter roofs

  • 5 o with a 3” high ribbed roof and manway opening
  • 40” fill opening
  • Roof ladder for easy access to the roof peak

Sidewall Stiffener

  • Heavy duty wall stiffeners ensure direct weight transfer to the legs for increased support and stability
  • Hoppers use 3 stiffeners per sidewall sheet for 15’ – 21’ diameter bins and 2 per sidewall sheet for 12’ bins

Hopper Bottom

  • Hopper sheets are suspended from compression ring supported by formed, heavy gauge galvanized legs
  • 12’-18’ diameter tanks: 45-degree bottom
  • 21’ diameter tank: 40-degree bottom
  • 16” hopper collar

Bin Filling:

  • Large 40” dia. fill hole (24” on 12’ tank)
  • Spun galvanized steel roof cap for added strength
    • cap mounted on steel rods to slide open and closed and resist wind

Large Man Hole

  • The larger oval shape makes it a comfortable fit and permits air to exhaust
  • Strong latches hold the manhole cover firmly in place
  • Door lays flat against the roof when open

Leg Anchors:

  • A galvanized bolt-on anchor bracket allows positive attachment to concrete foundation or support structure
  • Hopper legs can be shortened and the anchor bracket can be attached to the shortened leg by field drilling new holes in the legs

Let’s talk about:

  • Custom-engineered structures to fit your specific needs
  • Selection of optional Pneumatic fill kits
  • Heavy duty ladder sections adaptable to all bin sizes in 1 ring lengths
  • Optional work platforms and hand rails
  • Rack & pinion slide gates to attach directly to the hopper’s discharge collar


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For more information about Lambton Corrugated Hopper Bins, contact us at 1.888.239.9713 (North America) or sales@lambtonconveyor.com.