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One Source. One Solution.

Today, more operations are turning to Lambton for their precleaning requirements while reducing drying time and increasing storage capacity. Learn about the engineering and modifications that have been made to enhance performance and simplify construction.

Ultra-Clean Gravity Screen Cleaners

  • Capacities up to 16,000 BPH (406 MTPH)
  • Range of models with 5 to 20 screens

Ultra-Clean Gravity Screeners remove fines simply and economically. Flexible mounting allows you to position the screener at the top of a dryer, directly under a bucket elevator or under a dedicated spout on your distributor.

Lambton’s new valve-type inlet design simplifies operation of the cleaner. A bolted assembly in galvanized steel ensures long service life and easy maintenance.

For more information about the Ultra-Clean Gravity Screen Cleaners, contact us at 1.888.239.9713 (North America) or sales@lambtonconveyor.com.

Double Drum Cleaners

  • Used adjustable cylinders
  • Used to preclean coarse and fine impurities in any granulated materials

Lambton’s double drum high capacity precleaner’s compact structure and small footprint is a smooth running and reliable processing unit used in the precleaning of grain for feed, oil flour, rice, milling, grain storage/warehousing for the food and chemical industries.

For more information about the Double Deck Drum Precleaner, contact us at 1-888-239-9713 (North America) or sales@lambtonconveyor.com