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Bucket Elevators

A bucket elevator is a versatile and efficient material handling system used in various industries to vertically transport bulk materials, such as grains, powders, and aggregates. Consisting of a series of buckets attached to a belt or chain, the elevator lifts materials from a lower to a higher level in a continuous, gentle, and controlled manner. With the ability to handle a wide range of materials and capacities, bucket elevators are an indispensable solution for improving productivity and reducing manual labor in industrial processes. Their design allows for easy customization and integration into existing production lines, making them a reliable choice for optimizing material movement in factories, grain silos, mining operations, and more.

Lambton Bucket-Type Grain Elevators

  • Recommended to prevent damage to delicate crops like lentils, peas and pulse crops
  • Efficient grain-handling in most farm applications
  • Durability and maximum volume in commercial applications

Lambton made its first mark on the global grain-handling industry as a top manufacturer of dependable, long-serving elevator and conveyor equipment.

Lambton bucket elevators are CAD-designed and CNC produced to ensure end-to-end consistency and precision every time.

We offer a full range of options and accessories to fully customize your equipment for your individual application. Lambton’s experienced design team will work with you and your local Lambton representative to develop the ideal solution for your new or existing grain-handling facility.


  • Optional platforms, ladders and safety cages
  • Discharge transitions
  • Boot inlet hoppers
  • Electrical monitoring equipment

For more information about Lambton Bucket Elevators, contact us at 888-239-9713 (North America) or sales@lambtonconveyor.com.

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