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Grain Storage

Lambton Grain Storage and Feed Bins

Lambton grain storage bins and feed bins are built better with quality materials and custom engineering to suit your needs for farm storage or commercial distribution.

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4” Corrugated Construction

  • Less resistance to downward flow, prevent grain hang-up and bridging
  • Greater vertical strength than narrow corrugation
  • Larger 44” sidewall sheets allow for reduced build time

Lambton Lasts Longer

  • G115 (350 grams/M2 of zinc) galvanized steel specified for all Lambton grain bins
  • 28% more zinc protection than traditional structures
  • Significantly more resistance to weathering and corrosion

Stress-Tested Design

  • Bin construction is optimized with accurate calculations of:
  • wind stresses
  • roof-mounted equipment loads
  • evenly distributed and unbalanced snow loads
  • Lambton will recommend a range of upgrade options based on your specific application and location

For more information about Lambton Grain Storage, contact us at 888-239-9713 (North America) or sales@lambtonconveyor.com.

Designed for You

Built for You

Since 1965

Whether you’re building your grain system from the ground up, expanding your current facility or simply upgrading your equipment,
Lambton is the one source that’s ready and able to do things your way.

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